Go Big with 5-Piece Wall Decor

When it comes to picking out and hanging wall art, it can feel hard to know exactly what you want. After all, art seems like something that should be handled by an expert. Even if you know that you are in love with a particular piece, do you know that it will fit in with your home’s décor? And if it will fit in, do you know where you will hang it that will show it off well? There is always a fear of making a mistake about the type, size or placement of art inside the home. Luckily for you, no one is going to judge your style! You should choose the art that appeals to you and place it where you can admire it. If you have a large spot, in your living room, dining room or bedroom, you should follow your cut and commit to a big piece of art that you adore. Really large spaces deserve something special, like 5 piece wall decor.

When you are picking out your 5 piece wall décor, the first step is to determine what you want to express with it. Are you complementing the colors of the room, the theme or the general atmosphere that you are trying to create? In a living room, you might want to complement the big furniture in the room. In the dining room, it might be your intention to add to the theme of a celebration and easy enjoyment that you have started with your table centerpieces and festive dinnerware. In the bedroom, great art can add to an atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

Whatever you are aiming for, once you have decided on how you want it to fit in, you have to decide where it will fit on the wall! Many interior decorators recommend that you opt for big centerpieces that are around two-thirds of the size of your biggest furniture. Smaller pictures are fine, obviously, but bigger pictures are the ones that will really pop and draw the eye. Art that is made of up five pieces should have all of the pieces grouped together; all five together should be large enough to be a big, bold splash on a wall that gets plenty of eyes on it. Take the time to pick out the best spot for your art and enjoy the life and color it brings to your space.

Add to Your Décor with a Glass Shadow Box

When it comes to adding beautiful art to your home, you have so many great options available to you. You can start by filling in the empty spaces on your shelves, end tables, coffee tables and side boards; any flat surface in your home that holds functional objects like screens, books and cups can be made prettier and more decorative by adding simple art, like vases, figurines or collectibles. But as you are considering the best art to beautify your home, don’t forget about your walls! Wall art is such a perfect way to add life and character to a room. Once you have decided on the wall color, furniture and accents around the room, the art you get for the walls takes your décor to the next level. As you are exploring online to find the very best deals on wall art that will complement your theme, be sure to consider all three dimensions. 3D art like a glass shadow box draws the eye and adds texture to your décor.

If you aren’t familiar with shadow boxes as art, you are in for a treat! A glass shadow box is a small display case that is enclosed in glass on the front side. The depth of the box can vary, but the idea of the box is that it gives depth to whatever is displayed inside. Rather than a flat picture in a frame, the shadow box can contain three-dimensional art in a huge range of styles. The art inside can be made from wood, paper, glass or any other material. The style is entirely up to you! You might decide on art that is very geometric or you might opt for something more abstract.

Whatever style of art you choose, it should complement the theme that you are establishing in the room. Since a shadow box is a focal point, drawing the eye and really catching attention, it should be a piece that demonstrates your unique sense of style while also effortlessly adding panache to the space. A shadow box is art that you can create yourself, or you can save time and effort by purchasing a beautiful one online. A grouping of shadow boxes looks great, too, especially if they are varying sizes and contain art that goes together. A beautiful shadow box is something you can expect guests to notice and comment on!

Wall Decor for Homes

There are many small features that help in elevating the look of a house. While the furniture is naturally important, little details make all the difference. Even the color of the walls and the smallest accessory can make two rooms look completely apart. Hence, the trick is to focus on the smallest details. While once people focused on keeping decoration pieces on the floor of the house, they realized that this takes up space, and makes the room appear more cramped. Interior design experts state that rooms should always look airy, and be filled with lots of lights and mirrors to make space appear bigger than it actually is. For this reason, instead of stuffing accessories on the floor, wall decor has become very popular.

Wall decor has many benefits. Apart from looking great, wall decor can help cover up any imperfections on the wall. Over time, wallpaper starts to tear off and the paint starts peeling off. This makes the room look untidy, especially when you have guests scheduled to arrive. Till you can get a redone, wall decor will help mask these flaws. Pictures make a great source of wall decor. You can put up old pictures of family and friends to make the room appear more colorful and put a unique spin on the room. You can get loads of frames that gel with the decor of your home. You can make this a DIY project too. Cut out any old pictures you have and set them into frames that you can put in the house. However, make sure you do not go overboard as too much of anything can make space look smaller.

Clocks also act as wall decor and provide utility as well. Like wall clocks, decorative wall mirrors are the most popular form of wall decor. Adding mirrors to a room is a proven way to make the space appear bigger than it is since mirrors reflect light. Moreover, decorative wall mirrors can also make a style statement and elevate the look of your home. They also serve functionality as mirrors are needed to dress up and glance at yourself through the day. Mirrors make a great stylistic addition to the room since they provide several benefits, including style and purpose. If you are looking to revamp your home, get a few decorative wall mirrors to adorn your space and see how they uplift your house.