Wall Clock with Temperature – The Best Choice to Make an Impact on Your Wall

Looking for a wall clock that also tells you the room temperature? The wall clock with temperature from Lovely Wall Art has got you covered. Timepieces nowadays have much to offer other than just being a part of decor. With eye-catching designs and the latest tech features, you can find a clock that has all the modernized features yet looks antique, making it the perfect decorative item for your home. So how does one find the right wall clock with temperature? Read on to find out!

The first thing to consider when buying a wall clock with temperature is the size and color of your wall. Though it’s no rocket science, opting for an extra-large clock for a smaller wall or one already comprising paintings is one of the biggest decorative disasters. If your home has large, high ceilings, having a larger wall clock with temperature will help create the desired impact. Moreover, if your living room has a modernized theme, having an antique designed wall clock with temperature won’t be the right match. This is where the extensive range of Taylor Precision wall clock with temperature from Lovely Wall Art will save your day.

From your bedroom to the kitchen to the living room, having a wall clock with temperature will ensure that you adhere to your routine and have an idea of the room temperature without taking out your smartphone. The right wall clock with temperature is going to be eye-catching. When deciding the design of your wall clock, opt for the one that adds style to your personal space. When setting up a wall clock with temperature, a critical pointer is to make sure that it’s placed at the room’s focal point. In simpler words, a clock should be set where everyone can see it. In order to find the perfect design for your wall clock with temperature, keep in mind the surrounding accents and the furniture of the room. If you are opting for a smaller-sized wall clock with temperature, know that they work well in children’s bedrooms and bathrooms. Is your child a Pirates of the Caribbean fan? The wall clock shaped in a life-saving tube is the perfect decor for your child’s room. With Lovely Wall Art’s wall clock with temperature, the sky’s the limit. However, when investing in one, do remember to choose the right style and design features as a single wall clock with temperature can add a touch of glamor to your personal space, all while providing you with the best of both worlds; time and temperature!

Tips for Decorating Your Wall with an Oversized Wall Clock

Whenever you start decorating your house, the first item that draws your attention is critical as it pulls the room together. An oversized wall clock, for example, makes for a stylish and perfect wall decoration. Even top interior designers are now using these aesthetically pleasing statement pieces. These days people wear smartwatches; but it does not mean there is no need for wall clocks. There is a wide variety of designs, such as antique and modern variations people can choose as per their aesthetic preferences. These are readily available in both online and offline stores.

To decorate, first select the design and type of the wall clock for your house. Most people go with classic designs; they, too, come in various colors and styles. Secondly, consider your room’s design and color theme before choosing one. After selecting the design and color, choose a good quality and durable oversized wall clock. The quality of the material should also be considered, especially if you buy or search online for them. They are available in various materials such as metallic, plastic, glass, and wooden. Interior designers prefer to go with the wooden clock as they have a smooth outer finishing and a dial with roman or arabic numerals in pretty designs. Wooden oversized wall clocks should be chosen according to the size of the room. If you want to add more details on the wall with an oversized wall clock, add some plants, artwork, and pictures. There is not just one place to use the clock; you can hang it anywhere you want. For instance, the entryway, dining room, and the fireplace.

An oversized wall clock is a timeless, aesthetically pleasing, and yet functional decor item commonly used worldwide. All in all, it is the center of attraction. The clock’s design is versatile and simple that can go with any decor or room style. You should only choose the oversized wall clock that makes sense for your dining room, entryway, and entryway. The best location to place the wall clock is at eye level so it centers the room. Also, pair it with different items to finish the wall decor. Wall clocks give your room an aesthetic ambiance, and they are an essential need for our living space as it helps us to stay punctual. Oversized wall clocks are eye-catching, quirky, and statement pieces that will transform the look of your living space.

Instant Style with a Westclox Wall Clock

Decorating your own home can be lots of fun – You can add whatever you like and paint whatever colors make you happy. Depending on what your living situation is, you can knock down whatever wall you want, add tile, hang things from the ceiling, etc. The choice is all yours! However, this might actually do the opposite for some people and they get super overwhelmed when the have the thought of having to decorate their home all by themselves. Sure, for these people that don’t find fun and joy in hunting down home décor or mixing different paints to create a mural effect on a wall for example, couple very well hire an interior designer to help them put their home together or decorate it in a way that pleases them. However, interior designers are very expensive and a lot of people cannot afford them. However, there are some simple ways that people can add décor to their space without having to commit to painting all the walls, putting up wall paper, or getting a bunch of stylish pieces that either cost a lot or have no sentimental value. For example, a nice big color rug is enough to tie a room together, or help with covering up some unsavory stains on the carpet. Some nice drapes are great for framing windows, but also acting as décor themselves. They can help inject some color into a room, make it cozy, or make the walls look higher. Then, a nice westclox wall clock is great for injecting both practicality and style into your home without being over the top.

Sure, technology has made it so that we can find out what time it is without having to scramble and look for a clock. You can find the time on your smart watch, your smart phone, and even your microwave. However, there is something nice about a classical wall clock that is, no pun intended, timeless. Seeing the hands move on the clock is sometimes satisfying, and it is great to be able to count down by quarters or in increments of five as you watch them move.

A westclox wall clock is going to give you instant style in a minimal or eclectic room, but also be sure to keep you on time.

Enhance Your Inner Space With Decorative Clocks

Clocks are a functional feature in every home. Now that we have mobile phones, a lot of people don’t feel the need to have clocks to check the time inside their house. However, clocks are a staple part of any home’s interior. While clocks were once used just for time telling purposes, they have now become a great decorative feature inside homes. Decorative clocks are now making a comeback as they offer both functionality and style. While some people don’t feel the need for them, many homeowners like the old-school trend of having a large clock inside their house. It can also help young children learn how to tell time! No matter how many technological changes this world makes, clocks can never be redundant inside homes! We are not just talking about standard clocks but also decorative clocks that can act as stylistic features inside homes.

There are many options for decorative clocks that act as great and handy wall decor. People often find that their plain, whitewashed walls look boring, no matter how interesting and vibrant their interior is. A great way to spruce up the look of your home is by using wall clocks in every room. Since they are functional, it won’t even look overdone. You can easily choose different decorative clocks with different colors and patterns to suit the interior and color scheme of that specific room. You can have wooden clocks for that rustic charm in your living room. Place a vibrant clock for your children’s room and a standard clock for your own room. The options are endless! When choosing the right decorative clock, interior designers recommend that it should be an extension to your decor. You can even have several decorative clocks hang in your hallway in a row, similar to the artwork in galleries! If you use these decorative clocks intelligently, you can make significant changes to your home.

Decorative clocks perform a twofold function, so they are a must-have in homes. They can help make your interior look lively, complement your decor and also allow you to read the time. Decorative clocks can also be used to hide imperfections in your walls. There might be scuffed paint or a color that won’t come off that you want to conceal. Instead of getting the area repainted, you can simply hang a decorative wall clock to conceal the area and save yourself valuable time and money!

Your Family Patio Needs a Wall Clock with Temperature Gauge

Creating a wonderful backyard experience is a labor of love. There are so many fun ways to build a patio, lawn and garden that your family and friends can enjoy! The first big consideration, of course, is comfort. You want to welcome people to stay and relax with plenty of cover from sun and rain, whether that’s with a covered patio, a gazebo or a canopy. The right patio furniture is going to invite guests to sit down and enjoy themselves, whether you opt for bistro tables and chairs, lounges or outdoor sofa sets. For ultimate relaxation, you can even choose to incorporate hammocks and bench swings into your décor! Once you have plenty of comfortable space for your family to enjoy, the next step is décor. In the garden, the best décor is going to be plenty of beautiful plants and a few decorative accents. On the patio, you can bring in planters and pots as well as decorative lighting, while out in the lawn you can consider bird baths and water features. While you are designing this outdoor paradise, make sure that you and your guests are in the know with a decorative wall clock with temperature display.

A good outdoor clock is going to be built for outdoor use. That means it’s going to be made from only the most durable materials, not from delicate glass. The materials should be guaranteed to be weather-resistant and waterproof, too, to be able to withstand harsh summer sun and brutal winter cold, along with rain and snow. Some clocks are also meant to be used indoors or outdoors while others are only good indoors, so be sure to check before you bring your new clock outside. Your new clock should be beautifully decorative and complement the theme that you are creating with your outdoor furniture.

By putting up a wall clock with temperature gauge, you are ensuring that you always know how to dress for the weather. It’s also going to help inform you when it might be a good idea to get out the patio heater or fire pit, or when guests might enjoy a cold glass of lemonade as they sit in the shade. In addition to being wonderful decoration inside the house and out, a great temperature gauge clock is a worthwhile investment for how practical it is. Why wait? Complete your wonderful outdoor experience.

How to Pick Out the Perfect Oversized Wall Clock

Are you excited to update your wall décor? When it comes to finishing any room’s theme, it’s important to consider the finishing touches. Wall décor is probably one of the last things that you are going to purchase for any given room but it is so important to take that last step to complete the theme that you are creating. Whether you are decorating common spaces like your living room and dining room or private spaces like your bedroom and master bath, you are going to instantly notice the big difference that your new wall art makes on the look and feel of the room. If you have started thinking about incorporating a wall clock into your wall décor, you know that you have so many different options to choose from. Today, let’s take a look at decorating your space with an oversized wall clock.

No matter what size clock you are picking out, it’s vital that the colors and materials complement the theme that you have established in the space! Take a moment before you start your search to consider the style that you are using throughout the room. Do you use mostly natural materials? Brushed metal? Bright colors? Muted, earthy colors? By considering the décor that you have already established in your space, you can more easily start shopping with confidence. There are many different styles of clock out there, and knowing the materials, color and style that is going to work well in your space is crucial to narrowing down the options.

Once you have a look in mind, it’s time to consider where you can put it! Keep in mind that an oversized clock is going to look best in a space that doesn’t have other large wall décor in it. Since an oversized wall clock is an eye-catching centerpiece, it should compete with any other oversized décor on the same wall. You might choose to pair your clock with smaller art or let it stand by itself. Placing it above furniture also makes a big statement, like above the couch or sofa table in the living room, above your bed in the bedroom or over your sideboard in the dining room. Consider the balance of the room as you are placing your beautiful new clock and make sure that your clock has space to shine! Enjoy your newly completed space.

A Westclox Wall Clock is Great for Seasonal Decor

Are you excited to update the rooms in your home with some new décor? If you are like many people, the process of updating your home is something that you might decide to enjoy at the beginning of each new season as a way of celebrating the change in weather. By straightening up your home and changing up your décor, you can welcome in the new season and enjoy all the things that it brings with it. In your bedroom, it might be as simple as changing your bedding for something new to better suit the new temperatures. When you touch up the kitchen, you might have new pictures to hang on the wall, while artificial flowers can make the dining room brighter and more festive. A Westclox wall clock is a great addition to any room’s décor and can be replaced with a new clock for a changing season.

How should you go about picking out a great wall clock for any given room? The first step is always going to be to decide on how much space you have. In a large room with plenty of space, a small clock is going to look understated and awkward, while a small room with lots of décor might benefit from a more delicate clock. Taking the time to look around the room at the available space will make a big difference when narrowing down your choices. Next, consider the theme that you have set up in the room and decide how your new wall clock is going to complement that theme. You should consider the color, texture and details of your new clock to ensure that it’s a great fit for the room you are adding it to.

A seasonal clock is going to offer something special that reflects the colors or themes of the weather or upcoming holidays, while a non-seasonal new clock is something you can leave up year-round. You can also decide whether or not to use the room’s function as a deciding factor. A coffee cup clock, for instance, might look great in a dining nook, while a vintage clock will look fabulous in a living room. By placing the clock where it is easy to see, you are ensuring that your clock is both useful and decorative no matter what season it is. Consider putting up a clock in any room where guests will visit!

How to Give Your Room a Vintage Look?

Old-fashioned yet quirky, such is the feel of a home adorned with vintage items. The best part about a vintage theme is that it is budget-friendly, yet gives the room an individualistic feel. You can embellish the room with accessories, furnishing, and fabrics that speak of ancient times, or of an era at least 20 years old. If you’re trying to refurbish your room to give it a vintage look, you will find an array of options to achieve the desired result. The first way to go about is by playing with colors and patterns. Generally, soft intensity colors like off-white, moss green, butterfly yellow, or the palest purple would work best. You may also mix patterns like florals and botanicals to imitate the look of the 1940’s. You can get wallpapers to get this look.

The next important thing to play with is furniture. A rustic bed or dressing table will add to the vintage feel. It isn’t necessary that you match the furniture set, as long as it looks good. You just want to ensure every piece of furniture evokes old feels the moment you enter the room. Curtains are another essential item that can take you back to old times. Since blinds give more of a contemporary look, adding an element of ostentation to your drapes will add to that vintage look you’re after. Using a lot of antique gold color will help. You may also restyle some of the old furniture lying in your home. Going vintage doesn’t necessitate that you follow an exact set of rules. You can let your creative juices flowing to get the look you want. You can adorn the room with an assortment of items you have collected over the years.

Apart from the major chunks of design, the small items can make or break the look of your room. You can accessorize your room in such a way that it transports one to the old realm. Apart from dated mirrors, rugs, and decoration pieces, clocks are a foolproof way to go old-school. You can find an array of options available for vintage clocks. You can set a vintage tabletop clock that will provide both usability and aesthetics. You can find clocks in the shapes of bikes and tractors that symbolize vintage.A vintage tabletop clock will add a bit of variation to the room and give your space an edge. After all, it’s these little things that make your home stand out.