How to Give Your Room a Vintage Look?

Old-fashioned yet quirky, such is the feel of a home adorned with vintage items. The best part about a vintage theme is that it is budget-friendly, yet gives the room an individualistic feel. You can embellish the room with accessories, furnishing, and fabrics that speak of ancient times, or of an era at least 20 years old. If you’re trying to refurbish your room to give it a vintage look, you will find an array of options to achieve the desired result. The first way to go about is by playing with colors and patterns. Generally, soft intensity colors like off-white, moss green, butterfly yellow, or the palest purple would work best. You may also mix patterns like florals and botanicals to imitate the look of the 1940’s. You can get wallpapers to get this look.

The next important thing to play with is furniture. A rustic bed or dressing table will add to the vintage feel. It isn’t necessary that you match the furniture set, as long as it looks good. You just want to ensure every piece of furniture evokes old feels the moment you enter the room. Curtains are another essential item that can take you back to old times. Since blinds give more of a contemporary look, adding an element of ostentation to your drapes will add to that vintage look you’re after. Using a lot of antique gold color will help. You may also restyle some of the old furniture lying in your home. Going vintage doesn’t necessitate that you follow an exact set of rules. You can let your creative juices flowing to get the look you want. You can adorn the room with an assortment of items you have collected over the years.

Apart from the major chunks of design, the small items can make or break the look of your room. You can accessorize your room in such a way that it transports one to the old realm. Apart from dated mirrors, rugs, and decoration pieces, clocks are a foolproof way to go old-school. You can find an array of options available for vintage clocks. You can set a vintage tabletop clock that will provide both usability and aesthetics. You can find clocks in the shapes of bikes and tractors that symbolize vintage.A vintage tabletop clock will add a bit of variation to the room and give your space an edge. After all, it’s these little things that make your home stand out.