How to Pick Out the Perfect Oversized Wall Clock

Are you excited to update your wall décor? When it comes to finishing any room’s theme, it’s important to consider the finishing touches. Wall décor is probably one of the last things that you are going to purchase for any given room but it is so important to take that last step to complete the theme that you are creating. Whether you are decorating common spaces like your living room and dining room or private spaces like your bedroom and master bath, you are going to instantly notice the big difference that your new wall art makes on the look and feel of the room. If you have started thinking about incorporating a wall clock into your wall décor, you know that you have so many different options to choose from. Today, let’s take a look at decorating your space with an oversized wall clock.

No matter what size clock you are picking out, it’s vital that the colors and materials complement the theme that you have established in the space! Take a moment before you start your search to consider the style that you are using throughout the room. Do you use mostly natural materials? Brushed metal? Bright colors? Muted, earthy colors? By considering the décor that you have already established in your space, you can more easily start shopping with confidence. There are many different styles of clock out there, and knowing the materials, color and style that is going to work well in your space is crucial to narrowing down the options.

Once you have a look in mind, it’s time to consider where you can put it! Keep in mind that an oversized clock is going to look best in a space that doesn’t have other large wall décor in it. Since an oversized wall clock is an eye-catching centerpiece, it should compete with any other oversized décor on the same wall. You might choose to pair your clock with smaller art or let it stand by itself. Placing it above furniture also makes a big statement, like above the couch or sofa table in the living room, above your bed in the bedroom or over your sideboard in the dining room. Consider the balance of the room as you are placing your beautiful new clock and make sure that your clock has space to shine! Enjoy your newly completed space.