Choosing the Best Wall Décor for Your New Home

Moving into a new home comes with a whole lot of stress! But more than stress, a new house means limitless potential. You and your family get to design your new home’s décor from the ground up in a way that suits your needs. That means in each room, the furniture, colors and accents are all working together to create an atmosphere that everyone loves. Whenever you walk into a room, you can feel great about carefully picking the parts that work together to create a flawless whole, which is a really special feeling. If you think that you have done nearly everything you can to make your new home complete but something still doesn’t feel quite finished, it’s possible that you still need wall art. The best wall decor is going to make your home feel finished and polished. Let’s take a look at the different ways you can incorporate art throughout your house.

The art that you keep in a room is going to help determine how it feels to live in that space. In living rooms, you want art that makes friends and family feel welcomed. Oftentimes, our living rooms are the biggest rooms in the house and also the most public, making them very important when it comes to making that all-important first impression. Luckily for you, you still have a huge range of options to choose from, including big centerpieces that draw the eye and gallery walls that let visitor’s gaze wander and find fresh details every time they visit. When it comes to welcoming people to come and relax in your kitchen or dining room, you can shoot for art that is fun and lighthearted. Kitchens are naturally busy areas with plenty of activity on the countertop, so too much art isn’t necessary to decorate this space.

As you move into bedrooms, all you have to think about is the preferences of the owner. Let your kids’ imaginations run wild, giving them free reign to pick the wall décor that best matches their personalities. In your own room, consider what kinds of art are going to help you to relax and unwind after a long day. Since your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom, consider how your favorite art is going to relate to the bed; a big picture or set of smaller pictures is going to look great across from the bed or right above it. Enjoy decorating your home!

Metal Wall Art Décor is Great in Any Home

When it comes to creating a home that you love, there are a few elements that are crucial to creating that beautiful, finished space that you can’t wait to show off to your friends. Once you have the basics down, from comfortable furniture to complementing wall colors to plush rugs, it’s time to focus on the accents that really make a house into a home. Those accents can include everything from gorgeous mood lighting to stylish collectibles and mementos that you have gathered together from your travels. Hanging about everything else, of course, is the decorative art pieces that you choose to hang on your walls. There are so many options to choose from, whether you prefer panels or sculptures, realistic pictures, abstract art or geometric art. Whatever you choose, the art in any room will go a long way toward improving the décor!

Why should you choose to incorporate metal wall art decor in a room? Any kind of art, and especially metal art, plays a big role in completing the décor of a room in a way that makes your spaces more beautiful and more personal. How so? A fabulous metal art piece can create a focal point that catches the eye. This focal point is going to complement the rest of the room’s décor and help to set the tone. In a kitchen, it could be a beautiful shiny metal piece that complements the metal of your kitchen fixtures. In the bedroom and bathroom, brushed metal art is a wonderful way of making a room soothing and relaxing. In the living room, colorful metal art is going to draw the eye and add to the drama and energy of the space in a way that you can enjoy with family and with visiting friends.

One of the great things about metal art is that it adds a three-dimensional aspect to your décor and to the wall where it is hung. Your walls become not just a flat surface but a demonstration. Metal art can be touched and appreciated but it can also simply provide a texture that prints and mirrors might lack. If you are decorating a room that really needs a splash of something special to make the room feel completed, metal wall art is exactly what you are looking for to add that drama. Bring metal into your decorating scheme today!

How to Use Rustic Wall Décor to Complement Your Theme

Whether you are moving into a new home or getting excited to update old décor, there is no better time to redecorate! You don’t have to start from scratch to give your home a facelift; you can find a few bold new additions to your current décor to add life and a new style to what you have already spent years creating. The important first step is deciding on what theme you want to capitalize on. Do you want to go shabby chic with upcycled items from local antique shops and consignment stores? Or maybe a modern industrial look is going to be easy to achieve with the addition of some carefully chosen raw metal shelving and beautiful Edison bulbs? Here, we are going to talk about adding some hometown charm to your theme with rustic wall decor and more.

If you have been craving the warmth and friendliness of rustic décor in your home, you are in luck; rustic décor does not have to be expensive and it is not hard to incorporate. So where do you start? First, consider what rustic décor has in common. Rustic means natural, which can include everything from wood to stone to metal elements in your new décor and furniture. Rustic can also mean weathered, so getting things second hand that are gently tarnished, distressed or aged is going to only add to your beautiful new décor. As you are considering your color palette, be sure to keep an eye out for earthy colors that are warm and gentle; imagine the kinds of colors you would see outside throughout the year. That can include the vibrant oranges and reds of fall, the buttery, bold colors of summer and the cool and dry greens and browns of winter.

As you update your décor, don’t forget about your walls! Rustic wall décor should incorporate all of the elements we have talked about. You can include art from the outdoors, like lovely landscapes, or downhome sayings and inspiration. If you love animals, consider bringing wild animal art or farm animal art into the picture. Your new art should feel organic and approachable, something that you can glance at and feel welcomed by. Whether you are shopping second hand or going online to find something new, be sure to explore texture and color that reminds you of home. Enjoy redecorating with your new rustic theme!

Go Big with 5-Piece Wall Decor

When it comes to picking out and hanging wall art, it can feel hard to know exactly what you want. After all, art seems like something that should be handled by an expert. Even if you know that you are in love with a particular piece, do you know that it will fit in with your home’s décor? And if it will fit in, do you know where you will hang it that will show it off well? There is always a fear of making a mistake about the type, size or placement of art inside the home. Luckily for you, no one is going to judge your style! You should choose the art that appeals to you and place it where you can admire it. If you have a large spot, in your living room, dining room or bedroom, you should follow your cut and commit to a big piece of art that you adore. Really large spaces deserve something special, like 5 piece wall decor.

When you are picking out your 5 piece wall décor, the first step is to determine what you want to express with it. Are you complementing the colors of the room, the theme or the general atmosphere that you are trying to create? In a living room, you might want to complement the big furniture in the room. In the dining room, it might be your intention to add to the theme of a celebration and easy enjoyment that you have started with your table centerpieces and festive dinnerware. In the bedroom, great art can add to an atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

Whatever you are aiming for, once you have decided on how you want it to fit in, you have to decide where it will fit on the wall! Many interior decorators recommend that you opt for big centerpieces that are around two-thirds of the size of your biggest furniture. Smaller pictures are fine, obviously, but bigger pictures are the ones that will really pop and draw the eye. Art that is made of up five pieces should have all of the pieces grouped together; all five together should be large enough to be a big, bold splash on a wall that gets plenty of eyes on it. Take the time to pick out the best spot for your art and enjoy the life and color it brings to your space.

Add to Your Décor with a Glass Shadow Box

When it comes to adding beautiful art to your home, you have so many great options available to you. You can start by filling in the empty spaces on your shelves, end tables, coffee tables and side boards; any flat surface in your home that holds functional objects like screens, books and cups can be made prettier and more decorative by adding simple art, like vases, figurines or collectibles. But as you are considering the best art to beautify your home, don’t forget about your walls! Wall art is such a perfect way to add life and character to a room. Once you have decided on the wall color, furniture and accents around the room, the art you get for the walls takes your décor to the next level. As you are exploring online to find the very best deals on wall art that will complement your theme, be sure to consider all three dimensions. 3D art like a glass shadow box draws the eye and adds texture to your décor.

If you aren’t familiar with shadow boxes as art, you are in for a treat! A glass shadow box is a small display case that is enclosed in glass on the front side. The depth of the box can vary, but the idea of the box is that it gives depth to whatever is displayed inside. Rather than a flat picture in a frame, the shadow box can contain three-dimensional art in a huge range of styles. The art inside can be made from wood, paper, glass or any other material. The style is entirely up to you! You might decide on art that is very geometric or you might opt for something more abstract.

Whatever style of art you choose, it should complement the theme that you are establishing in the room. Since a shadow box is a focal point, drawing the eye and really catching attention, it should be a piece that demonstrates your unique sense of style while also effortlessly adding panache to the space. A shadow box is art that you can create yourself, or you can save time and effort by purchasing a beautiful one online. A grouping of shadow boxes looks great, too, especially if they are varying sizes and contain art that goes together. A beautiful shadow box is something you can expect guests to notice and comment on!

Wall Decor for Homes

There are many small features that help in elevating the look of a house. While the furniture is naturally important, little details make all the difference. Even the color of the walls and the smallest accessory can make two rooms look completely apart. Hence, the trick is to focus on the smallest details. While once people focused on keeping decoration pieces on the floor of the house, they realized that this takes up space, and makes the room appear more cramped. Interior design experts state that rooms should always look airy, and be filled with lots of lights and mirrors to make space appear bigger than it actually is. For this reason, instead of stuffing accessories on the floor, wall decor has become very popular.

Wall decor has many benefits. Apart from looking great, wall decor can help cover up any imperfections on the wall. Over time, wallpaper starts to tear off and the paint starts peeling off. This makes the room look untidy, especially when you have guests scheduled to arrive. Till you can get a redone, wall decor will help mask these flaws. Pictures make a great source of wall decor. You can put up old pictures of family and friends to make the room appear more colorful and put a unique spin on the room. You can get loads of frames that gel with the decor of your home. You can make this a DIY project too. Cut out any old pictures you have and set them into frames that you can put in the house. However, make sure you do not go overboard as too much of anything can make space look smaller.

Clocks also act as wall decor and provide utility as well. Like wall clocks, decorative wall mirrors are the most popular form of wall decor. Adding mirrors to a room is a proven way to make the space appear bigger than it is since mirrors reflect light. Moreover, decorative wall mirrors can also make a style statement and elevate the look of your home. They also serve functionality as mirrors are needed to dress up and glance at yourself through the day. Mirrors make a great stylistic addition to the room since they provide several benefits, including style and purpose. If you are looking to revamp your home, get a few decorative wall mirrors to adorn your space and see how they uplift your house.

Benefits of Wall Mirrors

Have you ever entered a room, feeling completely blown away by the aesthetics? Interior design experts reveal that mirrors can significantly enhance the look of your room. For this reason, your home decor can greatly benefit from some of the best wall mirrors available in the market. There are many benefits that mirrors provide to the interior of a home. Mirrors are your best bet if you want to make a small space appear bigger to the eye. Mirrors reflect the room’s light, giving the impression that the room is more spacey than it actually is. If you have a narrow room, wall mirrors would work best for you. Wall mirrors are beneficial because they also hide imperfections in your room. If you see a discolored wall, or damaged wallpaper in the room, hanging a wall mirror will cover these imperfections, making your room look tidier.

Wall mirrors and lighting make a room stand out, no matter what kind of interior you have. There are mainly two sources of lighting in a room. The first is natural sunlight, and the second is artificial light from bulbs or lamps. Mirrors reflect this light, making space look more airy and spacious. The bigger the room looks, the more luxurious it is bound to feel. Since mirrors help illuminate the room far better, you can save energy bills during daylight. Mirrors also accentuate the look of a room. Some of the best wall mirrors act as decorative pieces for the home, elevating the entire look of a house. This is why many hotels and upscale restaurants use a lot of mirrors in their interior design. If you are looking to refurbish an old room, adding a stunning wall mirror will add that wow factor to your space immediately.

Apart from numerous benefits that wall mirrors provide to the home, they are also a practical accessory that every room needs. Mirrors are required to help see your reflection while dressing up. After all, who doesn’t pause to check themselves out in the mirror at least once a day? Hence, wall mirrors are the best feature you could add to your house for they elevate the interior of a home and provide functionality as well. To get a two-in-one deal, you can get stylized mirrors to hang on your wall so that they serve a purpose and act as a stunning decorative piece for your house too.

How to Give Your Room a Vintage Look?

Old-fashioned yet quirky, such is the feel of a home adorned with vintage items. The best part about a vintage theme is that it is budget-friendly, yet gives the room an individualistic feel. You can embellish the room with accessories, furnishing, and fabrics that speak of ancient times, or of an era at least 20 years old. If you’re trying to refurbish your room to give it a vintage look, you will find an array of options to achieve the desired result. The first way to go about is by playing with colors and patterns. Generally, soft intensity colors like off-white, moss green, butterfly yellow, or the palest purple would work best. You may also mix patterns like florals and botanicals to imitate the look of the 1940’s. You can get wallpapers to get this look.

The next important thing to play with is furniture. A rustic bed or dressing table will add to the vintage feel. It isn’t necessary that you match the furniture set, as long as it looks good. You just want to ensure every piece of furniture evokes old feels the moment you enter the room. Curtains are another essential item that can take you back to old times. Since blinds give more of a contemporary look, adding an element of ostentation to your drapes will add to that vintage look you’re after. Using a lot of antique gold color will help. You may also restyle some of the old furniture lying in your home. Going vintage doesn’t necessitate that you follow an exact set of rules. You can let your creative juices flowing to get the look you want. You can adorn the room with an assortment of items you have collected over the years.

Apart from the major chunks of design, the small items can make or break the look of your room. You can accessorize your room in such a way that it transports one to the old realm. Apart from dated mirrors, rugs, and decoration pieces, clocks are a foolproof way to go old-school. You can find an array of options available for vintage clocks. You can set a vintage tabletop clock that will provide both usability and aesthetics. You can find clocks in the shapes of bikes and tractors that symbolize vintage.A vintage tabletop clock will add a bit of variation to the room and give your space an edge. After all, it’s these little things that make your home stand out.